All books are different. That is the glory of the book.

When we receive submissions from you, we consider the best path to take for your work. Our decision, which you are free to accept or to reject, will depend on a number of factors, which may include the subject matter, the genre, the number of illustrations required, and the most effective way of getting sales and helping you to achieve success.

Traditional contract
When we offer a traditional contract of agreement, we publish your book entirely at our expense. No argument: we bear the costs entirely. This form of contract is suitable for the successful published author.

Cooperative contract
When we are unable, for whatever reason, to offer you a traditional contract, we may, perhaps, offer you a cooperative agreement. In this model you agree to contribute, and your contribution particularly goes into the promotion and marketing sector. Your contribution will always be considerably less than what we, as publisher, are spending on your behalf. Among the advantages of this model, and there are several, is the fact that you receive a much higher rate of royalties. Once published, you are, of course, one step higher on the publishing ladder, and in a much stronger position with subsequent submissions or approaches to literary agencies.

An important note: we reserve the right to reject any submission we consider is either not well-written, or is so esoteric that it has no chance of success in trade publishing.

Self-publishing services
For those who wish to go down the self-publishing path we offer a wide range of services, from proof reading and set up right through to the promotion and marketing of your book. You pick and mix: you do not have to buy all the services. This is a cost-effective way of having your book out there. This path is eminently suitable for some authors.

If you prefer this third option, please contact us to discuss further what we offer and what the costs might be.