White Meat

By Jack Rubin

FORMAT : Ebook

IMPRINT: Emma Stern

ISBN: 978





A chance meeting with a young prostitute leads Jack Rubin into a nether world of procuring of children and trafficking across frontiers, of dodgy night clubs and middle-aged panders, and East European thugs who do not recognise police authority, or know the meaning of fear.

The police know about this underworld but, for reasons of 'community cohesion', turn a blind eye. Jack Rubin cannot turn a blind eye and he sets out to destroy Zoltan Khan, the local gangster who runs the rackets.

Jack Rubin has two weaknesses: he is working alone; and he gets the hots for Khan's attractive wife, Kavita. This time, he could have bitten off far more than he can chew.

From the tough author of Chekhov's Gun and Deep Blood.

'The toughest writer in the business, on either side of the Atlantic.'

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About Jack Rubin

Jack Rubin is a police officer. He is dismissed after five years, accused of accepting bribes. He sets up in business as a private investigator and soon finds that his main occupation is to collect bad debts and harass vulnerable losers. However, his luck seems to turn when he takes on Mohammed Ali Malik, a Pakistani, as his partner.


Rubin, an atheist from a Jewish family, is a totally amoral tough guy and womaniser, and Malik, a Muslim and family man, loyal, frightened of his own shadow, are chalk and cheese. Yet, in spite of deep differences, their partnership seems to succeed. They have agreed one rule: never to discuss religion - and always to make their own tea and coffee.

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