The Riddle of the Sands

By Erskine Childers

IMPRINT: Emma Stern

ISBN: 978-1-911224-03-7

PAGES: 360


FORMAT: Paperback


Davies contacts his friend, Carruthers. He proposes they take a boating trip in the Baltic Sea. Carruthers readily agrees. Both men are up for an adventure. And adventure is what they get, though of a kind more dangerous than what they had envisaged.

The Englishmen discover there has been German activity along the coast. Davies has already tangled with the Medusa, captained by the sinister Dollman. It does not stop with Dollman. There are bigger games afoot. 

Davies and Carruthers learn that the plot is nothing less than a German invasion of Britain. Who can thwart this devilish plot? It seems the safety of the country is in the hands of two brave Englishmen.

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About Erskine Childers

Erskine Childers was an accomplished yachtsman. He published The Riddle of the Sands in 1903. It was a prescient book. It alerted the nation to the dangers from Imperial Germany. In the book, Childers used his knowledge of tides and islands in the Baltic Sea.

Later, having served in the First World War, Childers threw in his lot with Michael Collins and Sinn Fein in the struggle for an independent Irish republic. He considered that the agreement signed with Britain in 1922 was a compromise too far. Subsequently, he was put on trial, found guilty, and executed by the British.


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