Testimonial by Jack Rubin

I was a happy man when the publisher gave me a contract for the first novel. And over the moon to be offered another for the next three, at that time unwritten. No complaints, then. Emma Stern Publishers deserves to go from strength to strength. They’ll do for me!

Testimonial by A Writer

  In January I contacted Emma Stern Publishing. I had what I thought was a good book of non-fiction. I was dealt with at all stages in a speedy and courteous manner. After only a few weeks my book was rejected. I received a short critique that gave the reasons. Emma Stern Publishing’s chief editor wasn’t convinced the book would sell in other countries especially USA or even my native Australia. He didn’t knock the book, only its commercial chances. I’m now rewriting my book. I don’t know whether I’ll send it to Emma Stern Publishing again or some other publisher. I just don’t know. What I do know is that I have no adverse criticisms of this company. I wish others were more like them, especially in the time taken to go through the submission procedures.   Good on ‘em!